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Let's have a paint party!

Do you have little artist/s who love to draw? They will LOVE our custom kid parties! Whether it's Pokemon, dragons or unicorns, Palette will create a fun painting for the special event!  Our mobile art studio will come to your birthday party, girl/boy scouts, summer party ect. and let the kids create! We provide a fun unique experience with professional artists for every event and design a painting that fits your theme. You have enough to do, so we bring everything necessary*, set up and clean up so the kids have a blast and you, maybe for a second, can relax :).

Kid Party Pricing Info

Price per person:                                                $38.00 1.5-2 hour class

Minimum painters:                                            8 persons

Maximum painters:                                           20 persons

Canvas size available:                                     12x12, 14x14, 11x12, 12x16

                                                                                                                                        (larger sizes available with an additional $2 material fee added to each ticket)

Deposit:                                                                $100.00 (due at time of booking to hold reserved date and to begin custom painting. Full amount goes                                                                                                                                           toward final balance. Refundable with cancelation 7 days before event. Non refundable but event may be                                                                                                                                                   postponed within 7 days of event.)

What's Included:                                                All art materials including: high quality non toxic acrylic paint, paint brushes, brush and water jars, paper                                                                                                                                              towels, table cloths, easels, aprons, palettes, canvases *tables/chairs not included. Custom painting to fit your                                                                                                                                         theme. Professional instruction from an experienced and friendly artist. Guided painting lesson fun for                                                                                                                                                   newbies and seasoned artists alike. All art studio set up (we will be at the event location 1 hour beforehand)                                                                                                                                             and all clean up.

Frequently Asked Questions

"What's the age range for your child parties? My son is 5?"

Our usual age range is from 7 to 18 however we love the littles (5-7) here at Palette too! Often this age range needs a little extra help from their grown ups. Email us and we can discuss a plan that works best!

"What if I have kids add on or cancel?"

Add-ons or cancelations are no problem! Please make sure the final count is given a min of 24 hours in advance. If the amount of attendees drops below the 8 person minimum, the final amount will still reflect 8 tickets. 

"Do you provide food or beverages at your events?"

I take this question from a case by case basis. Usually the answer is no. Palette only provides art studio items at private events and guests are responsible for the party food and beverages. However, please email me questions and event specifics because I am not opposed to working something out :).

"Do I have to buy tickets through your website or can I venmo or pay with cash?"

Cash is absolutely fine the day of the event. We also accept venmo! The deposit is the only thing that needs to be received through venmo or paypal.

"How far will you travel from West Sacramento? I live in Elk Grove!"

A 10 mile radius from West Sacramento is included in the ticket price. Each additional driven mile will be charged $1.00. So to drive to King's Roller Rink in Elk Grove, for example, it would be $14.00 added to the final amount.

"What happens if there's a paint spill or I get paint on my clothes?"

We chose our paint to come off most surfaces however depending on the fabric it has the capability of staining. We always recommend an event space that has easy to clean floors (no carpet,rugs ect.) and though we provide aprons still wear clothing that you can live without in case of an accident. Palette Art events is not responsible for damage to private property or clothing due to paint.

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