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Our Mission

         At Palette our whole motto is to create connections. Connection to our community, our friends, family, those we work with. Our roles, jobs or homes are often isolating and we want to change that! Our goal is to create environments that slooooow the world down just a bit to bring people together and allow them to reap the benefits of a creative shared space.

       Art allow our brains to exponentially decrease its stress levels. Art binds us, it forms connections that transcends differences and turns strangers into friends through shared interests and experiences. Whether in a local brewery, a rooftop cafe or your own home, Palette offers a safe, communal space for all kinds of artists - beginners to professionals - to come together and express their creative sides.  Let's put down our phones for a second and create realtionships and art together!

                                                       Love, Jenny Egbert

                                        Palette Art Events Owner 

Cathy Reuter


“Ive been to 4 of Jenny's events and have had a blast at them all! Ive brought my sister and work friends. It's really a great night out!"

Katie Freeny


"My girls LOVE going to Ms. Jenny's Paint & Snack classes! They look forward to it all week. You can tell she really loves working with kids."

Chelsea Langton

West Sacramento

We hired Palette to create a team building painting class at my optical store. We had sooo much fun! The instruction was clear and Jenny made everyone feel comfortable! We already scheduled her for next year."

Let's Connect!

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